Sleep8 Device Kit
Sleep8 Device Kit
Sleep8 Device Kit
Sleep8 Device Kit
Sleep8 Device Kit

Sleep8 Device Kit

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System Includes:
  • 1 Sleep8 Device
  • 1 Filter Bag*
  • 1 Micro USB Charger 

*We recommend changing the bag every 3 months with daily use.

This complete system is all you need to clean any CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP supplies and accessories; including the mask, heated and non-heated tubing. We recommend changing the bag every 3 months with daily use.

The Sleep8 ozone CPAP companion is the leader in market technology. The Sleep8 works to support your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP by generating ozone which is known to kill germs. 

The simple design is easy and convenient to use.  Simply unplug your hose from your PAP device and plug it into the universal port inside the bag.  The port will accommodate heated hoses, electric diagnostic hoses, and standard PAP hoses all without any additional adapters or parts to buy. Next, simply close the bag with your mask and hose inside.  Finally, you plug the Sleep8 device to the outside port on the cleaning bag and press the button.

That's it!  

The device will generate ozone for 1 hour, followed by a 75 minute purge cycle where it will alternate between resting and an active fresh air flush.

Aside from easy operation, what makes the Sleep8 the best around?

Noise: Many older and inferior products that claim to do what the Sleep8 does are loud.  Old inefficient designs use pressurized air pumps to fill small cleaning chambers.  Not only does this limit the types of masks they can clean, it means they are large heavy and very loud. 

Safety: Some units on the market cut corners on safety.  The Sleep8 does not, it uses multiple 1-way flapper valves to ensure that all of the ozone produced goes into the cleaning bag.  In fact, we even have a safety shut off that prevents the unit from running when not connected properly.  The Sleep8 attention to detail even goes so far as to seal the charging port against any ozone leakage.  Once in the cleaning bag, the only way for ozone to leave is through a large activated carbon filter.  This filter reacts with the ozone rendering it safe.

Some of the other products on the market don't even seal their cleaning chamber. This means that they leak ALL the ozone they produce directly into the room where you are.

Portability & Home Use: The Sleep8 was designed from the start to be a unit for both portable AND home use.  While other units are designed either just for travel or just for home use, the Sleep8 does it all.  Many home units are large, loud, and bulky, not suited to travel. Many portable units use cheap charge controllers, that don't allow you to run the unit while it is plugged in!  That means a constant plugging and unplugging and finding a lost cable EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.

The Sleep8 doesn't cut corners, we use a high-quality charge controller that lets you keep the convenience of a portable unit, but still be able to leave it plugged in while at home.  The best of both worlds!

Price:  Technology is supposed to get cheaper as it gets better, and the Sleep8 does just that.  Some older, louder, and bulkier units cost nearly $100 more than the Sleep8. To be honest, we just don't think that's fair.

What makes the Sleep8 the best CPAP companion around?

It's safer, quieter, and more convenient, all at a lower price!