Paingone Freeze 5
Paingone Freeze 5
Paingone Freeze 5
Paingone Freeze 5

Paingone Freeze 5

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One of the most popular products in the Paingone range, Freeze 5 Cooling Gel is the choice of thousands of customers, as well as health professionals.

Delivering soothing cold therapy wherever you need it; Freeze 5 gel penetrates quickly, using menthol as the key active ingredient. This pain relief gel works rapidly to provide cooling relief over the whole area the gel is applied.

Paingone Freeze 5 produces the same cooling sensation as the cold therapy that you get from an ice pack, but with the added benefit of allowing you to carry on with your day as normal.​

Scented with a refreshing menthol fragrance, Paingone Freeze 5 is offered as a 6 oz tube, providing excellent value.​

Apply by itself, or after using another product in the Paingone range device, for further relief.

  • Cold therapy gel
  • Instant and long-lasting effect, like an ice-pack!
  • Relief for sore, aching muscles and joints
  • Great for arms, shoulders, back, hips, knees, legs, feet, ankles and hands
  • Direct application on the affected area
  • Massage gently, dries quickly
  • Natural ingredients, with essential oils and extracts
  • Perfect as a complement to other products in the Paingone range
  • FDA-Cleared