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*Must add travel case to cart and use promo code TRAVEL in order to receive the travel case for free.

CPAP Manufacturers recommend cleaning your CPAP accessories after every use. But most of us don’t have the time to scrub the mask and hose every morning. Sleep8 is a sleek, noise-free device that allows you to care for your CPAP accessories properly without the hassle — even when you’re on the road.

System includes:

Sleep8 system device for CPAP machine

Sleep8 Device

The travel friendly, virtually silent device.
Sleep8 filter bag for CPAP machine

Filter Bag

Durable Filter Bag that comes with your Sleep8 device.
USB charger for your Sleep8 machine

Micro USB Charger

Charge your Sleep8, allowing you to take it on the go.
Bag it: Power button for Sleep8 filter bag
We recommend changing the bag every 3 months with daily use.

Easy set and forget

Sleep8 supports your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP with quick and easy equipment maintenance.
Press “start”: Sleep8 filter bag for CPAP machine

Bag it. Place mask, supplies and accessories in the Sleep8 filter bag and seal it up.

Press “start”: Sleep8 filter bag for CPAP machine

Press "start." Turn your Sleep8 device on with the touch of a button

Go enjoy your day: Floral icon

Go enjoy your day Sleep8 does the work for you, shutting off automatically when finished.

Man putting his Sleep8 CPAP machine in his suitcase to travel

Most CPAP care devices are bulky, loud and can be complicated to use. Sleep8 is different.

  • Sleek and packable
  • Quiet
  • Easy-to-use
  • Leaves CPAP equipment smelling fresh
  • Battery operated
  • No adaptors needed
  • Works independently
  • Automatic shut-off

Great Company

Great, easy to use product. Leaves my equipment smelling clean and new. During this pandemic, I'm also using the sanitizer for some other small itmes that need to be cleaned. Great product, great company to deal with. - Andy Long


Easy cleaning and everything smells fresh

This product makes cleaning my equipment so much easier and saves me a lot of time. When the cleaning is done, everything smells fresh and ready to use. I really like the way it smells. I'm very glad that I purchased this cleaning system and highly recommend it. - Dave


5 star Sleep8 review

I have been using my sleep8 machine for almost a year. It is economical and as of yet I have had no illness, unlike before I got my sleep8 machine. - TG