Step 1

Get extra bags to get the most effective CPAP support possible.

One filter bag is included with your system, but we recommend changing them every 3 months to best support your PAP machine and accessories.

Select how many bags you want

How many bags do you want in your resupply?

Note: you will not be charged for the new bags until they ship.

Step 3 (Optional)

Want to add some accessories?

Step 2

How many boxes of wipes would you like to add?

You should clean your mask at least every 3 days. However, we recommend cleaning your mask daily. Each box contains 30 wipes.

Select how many boxes you want

How many boxes do you want in your resupply?

How many additional bags would you like to add?

1 bag is included with the Complete System.

Step 4

Do you use a Dream Station Go CPAP?

Our latest sanitization bags that connect directly with this specific device are not in stock yet, so in the meantime we will send you a connector free of charge.

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Sleep8 System
  • 1 Sleep8 Device
  • 1 Filter Bag
  • 1 Micro USB Charger
$${(fields.checkout.system_quantity * vars.system_price + (fields.checkout.extended_warranty ? fields.checkout.system_quantity * vars.warranty_price : 0)).toFixed(2)}
Filter Bag Resupply

${fields.step3.bags.amount} ${fields.step3.bags.amount == 1 ? 'bag' : 'bags'} will be shipped every 90 days. Your first shipment will be today.

Change your selection? $${(countBagsPrice(fields.step3.bags.amount)).toFixed(2)}
Filter Bag

Filter Bag Designed to hold almost all PAP machines and accessories.

Mask M8tes CPAP Wipes Resupply

${fields.step3.wipes.amount} packs will be shipped every 90 days. Your first shipment will be today.

Change your selection? $${(fields.step3.wipes.amount * vars.wipes_price).toFixed(2)}
Mask M8tes CPAP Wipes

They remove dust, dirt, and grime from your mask with ease.

$${(fields.step3.wipes.amount * vars.wipes_price).toFixed(2)}
Travel Case

Fits your Sleep8 perfectly and is perfect for luggage.

$${(fields.step3.travel_case.amount * vars.travel_case_price).toFixed(2)}
Extra Charger

An extra charger for your convenience.

$${(fields.step3.charger.amount * vars.charger_price).toFixed(2)}
DreamStation Go Free Connector

Temporary device that connects the Dreamstation GO to the Sleep8 sanitization bag.


Future Shipments.

Bag Resupply

${fields.step3.bags.amount} bags $${countBagsPrice(fields.step3.bags.amount).toFixed(2)}

Every 90 days
Mask M8tes Resupply

${fields.step3.wipes.amount} packs $${(fields.step3.wipes.amount * vars.wipes_price).toFixed(2)}

Every 90 days

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Shipping, taxes, and discounts calculated at checkout.


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