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Cleaning CPAP Equipment and How to Clean CPAP Tubing

CPAP tubing is a prime breeding ground for mold and bacteria due in part to the condensation that creates moisture in your equipment. It's important to keep your CPAP tubing clean and dry to avoid exposure and germs.  Since CPAP tubing is usually six feet long, efficient cleaning can be challenging. You'll find our favorite  CPAP tubing cleaning tips below. Soap and Water Most CPAP manufactures recommend soaking your CPAP tubing and equipment in warm, soapy water daily to ensure your CPAP is clean. While doing this, you'll want to ensure you swish the solution through your CPAP cleaning and rinse out all of the soap and then dry the interior of the tube thoroughly to prevent mold growth.  ...

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How To Tell If Your CPAP Machine Needs Cleaning

CPAP therapy or Continuous positive airway pressure can make a world of difference for the millions of Americans that struggle with sleep apnea. To get the most out of this effective therapy, making sure to keep your CPAP clean is a top priority. Here are some common signs your CPAP is in need of a cleaning.  1. Feeling Under the Weather While not every illness stems from a dirty CPAP, a lingering cold or if you notice your sinuses are bothering you more than usual, it could be that you're breathing in germs from your dirty CPAP equipment.  2. An Unpleasant Odor When you put on your CPAP mask, do you smell something unpleasant? This is a sure sign your...

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Tips for Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

Planning a trip this Summer? Bringing your CPAP machine along for the trip may not be the most ideal situation, but taking a trip away from your CPAP machine isn't an option. Check out our top tips for traveling with your CPAP Machine!

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