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Tips for Traveling with Your CPAP Machine

Planning a trip this Summer? Bringing your CPAP machine along for the trip may not be the most ideal situation, but taking a trip away from your CPAP machine isn't an option. Check out our top tips for traveling with your CPAP Machine!
1. Invest in a Travel Size CPAP Machine
If you spend alot of your time traveling, you may want to invest in a travel size CPAP machine, that makes traveling a lot more convenient! They take up less space and are easier to pack when traveling. 
2. Plan Ahead
Did you know that since your CPAP machine is considered a medical device it doesn't count as one of your carry-on items? Since lost luggage is always a possibility with air travel, make sure to take it on-board with you instead of with your checked luggage. 
Make sure you pack all of your batteries or power adapters so you're prepared in case you plan to use your CPAP during the flight. Also, be sure to contact your airline to confirm their policy and request to be seated near a plug.
3. Bring Your CPAP Cleaning Supplies
Keeping your CPAP machine is equally as important while traveling as it is while you're at home. Especially as your CPAP equipment could be exposed to more germs while traveling and on the airplane. The easiest way to handle this is with a portable CPAP cleaning device like Sleep8 designed for home and travel.
Now you're prepared to enjoy you're vacation! 


  • pogscbosuo

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Deborah Bauman

    Delta airlines counts your cpap as one of your two alloted carry ons. They’ve done this to us several times.

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