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Why All CPAP Cleaners Aren't Created Equal

It is well known that regular and consistent use of a CPAP machine for treating Sleep Apnea results in positive health benefits, but almost just as important as using your CPAP machine is regular and thorough cleaning of your CPAP equipment. Cleaning with soap and water to kill germs and bacteria is a time-consuming process, and many CPAP users cannot find the time to properly clean their equipment. But not properly cleaning your CPAP equipment can leave you feeling fatigued or sick. That's where CPAP cleaning becomes essential, but not all CPAP cleaners are created equal.  Did you know Sleep8 is one of only two CPAP Cleaners on the market with US Lab tested efficacy? Our waterless ozone system, which cleans areas where UV...

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Do Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

Mold exposure is extremely dangerous and CPAP users may be more at risk to it. Mold grows in warm, humid environment and many CPAP devices provide such an environment with ease. Microscopic spores can settle in the pipes or the body of the device. If not cleaned properly, the spores will grow and can infect the user. The risk to one’s health is higher as the CPAP device directly impacts the respiratory system of a person. What Does Mold Exposure Do? Many forms of mold are toxic to people. While mold in the house is harmful, mold in a CPAP machine can be far more dangerous for a person. This is because of the direct access it gets to a...

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Meet Sleep8's New Travel Case Companion

Traveling with your Sleep8 device just got even better with Sleep8's new Travel Case companion! Keep your Sleep8 device, filter bag, mini USB charger and Mask M8tes cleaning wipes safe while traveling. Our travel case is also a convenient way to keep all of your CPAP cleaning supplies located in one location while on-the-go! We're excited to announce our new Sleep8 travel case will be available to purchase soon. Enter you e-mail address and information in the box below to be notified once it's available for purchase!  

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