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CPAP Sanitizing Wipes vs. Ozone Cleaners


*Nothing in this article constitutes medical advice. Seek the guidance of a physician if you have any questions.*

If you’re suffering from breathing issues, a CPAP machine can prove to be an invaluable source of relief and help. Whether you’re at home or on the road, the CPAP device can be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an inconvenience with its own set of chores. The device needs to be stored and cleaned to ensure that it won’t become contaminated, which could lead to you becoming contaminated! Between dust particles and harmful bacteria there are countless reasons to clean your CPAP device every single day. So do you just take apart your masks, tubing and device and throw them under the kitchen faucet? Not exactly.

There are numerous ways to clean and sanitize your CPAP device, but there are a number of reasons why a particular way might be better for you. Between cost, convenience, climate-conscious issues, the ability to recycle, and size one must factor in many issues when making an educated decision on how best to take care of their Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device. Before we decide which of these cleaners is best for your CPAP device, let’s talk about the best forms of CPAP cleaners and sanitizing devices that are on the market.

The Best Solution For A Difficult Problem: Sanitizing Wipes or Ozone Cleaners?

The unfortunate truth is that CPAP machines do need to be washed and/or sanitized every single day. Not only does consistent cleaning keep you from getting any unnecessary or harmful contaminants into your system, it keeps your machine from becoming contaminated as well, ensuring that you’ll get the most use out of your CPAP device. Two of the most effective systems of cleaning your machine are Sanitizing Wipes and Ozone Cleaners like the Sleep8 device. Today we will talk about the benefits of each.

Ozone Cleaners

The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner contains three basic components: the Sleep8 device, the filter bag and a Micro USB charger. First you place the tubing and mask of your CPAP machine inside the filter bag. After turning it on the Sleep8 device then proceeds to use Ozone made from nothing more than room temperature oxygen, not chemicals, to sanitize the machine without any physical labor.

Having a Sleep8 device close by means that you only need to replace the filter bag every 3 months Making it easy to make sure you always have what you need on hand.

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes can be convenient because of their small size and their one and done nature. They also have the ability to clean larger visible areas of dust, dirt, and grime from your mask with ease. However many wipes on the market contain harsh chemicals that could leave your skin and your equipment feeling sticky or dried out.

Luckily, Sleep8’s Mask M8tes CPAP wipes are oil and alcohol free for a natural clean while the active ingredients are still highly effective in preventing the growth of mold, and bacteria on your mask.

Mask M8tes were designed from the ground up to clean CPAP masks being cleaned with ozone.  You see, many CPAP wipes on the market are really just hand or face wipes that someone has placed a new label on (sad but true).  Normally this isn't a problem, as those wipes are hand and face safe, made with Coconut or some other plant oil.  The problem comes from using those wipes on a mask that are being cleaned.  Ozone (and even the UV or chemicals that others use) react with oil, and the results over time are not pleasant.


The best way to support your CPAP supplies is with a combination of Mask M8tes CPAP wipes and the Sleep8 ozone cleaner. Use your Mask M8tes to clean off the larger visible areas of dust, dirt, and grime followed by your Sleep8 ozone cleaner to knock out the micro organisms to create a one-two-punch that will leave your CPAP supplies fresh and renewed.


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Written by: Daniel Mills



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