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Fall Ready Home – 60 Minute Activities


In this blog series, Sleep8 is branching out from sleep related topics to bring you fun activities that can be completed in about 60 minutes, the same duration as your Sleep8 cleaning cycle. These could be anything from recipes, crafts, DIY projects, skills to master, workouts, or more. Keep your eyes peeled to the Sleep8 blog to find your new favorite pastime.

Does fall feel like new beginnings to anyone else, or is it just me? There is something about the fresh autumn air and the summer cool down that makes life feel full of possibilities. We’ve crossed the Labor Day threshold so now Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all coming up in the not so distant future. Some people prefer spring cleaning, but why not both? Take the extra time you have now to allow for plenty of room (and less stress) for all the upcoming pumpkin carving, baking, and gift giving that will soon be upon us. In this article I’ll discuss my favorite tips for a quick refresh.

Living Room

Invest in a storage ottoman, bench, or even some shelves that can hold cubes. I like to take an hour or so out of my day to pick up and put away any left out items—having an out of sight storage area for these extras is the absolute best! The cubes even double as a great organizing system, or a place to localize games and other fun activities. I also suggest finding yourself a perfect throw or blanket. This can also go in the storage or just be draped over the couch. Fall and winter are the most perfect time for all things cozy, so gather the blankets, find a new scented candle and get ready to relax.

DVR or YouTube TV

I like to take a little bit of downtime around once a week to look through upcoming programs and series to see if anything sparks my interest. For me, fall means a lot of days spent outside and a lot of evenings spent indoors with friends or family. I love curling up on the couch (with my candles burning and blankets snuggled) and watching a Halloween movie. Check your local listings first, but you can always seek out a Netflix guide to the best classics available or upcoming movies to look forward to. They typically have lots of great options to choose from, but my favorites will always be Hocus Pocus, Casper, and Halloweentown!


In addition to switching up my living room, I often like to rearrange my bedroom to it’s most snuggle-worthy potential. Switch over to the heavier jersey and flannel sheets, incorporate more string lights. One important tip that is my favorite one hour activity is switching out the items in my dresser. I use this time to put away my more summer items, and line up my sweaters and hoodies—front and center. My most lounge worthy friends get their own special place. Work clothes can feel free to stay in the closet but summer clothes need to be put away, or if you are ready for something new—sold. Facebook marketplace is your best friend. You can use it as an outlet to lighten your load, or find new cool items to incorporate instead. Pro tip: when looking for an item, always search specific words or sizes. When listing an item, include these in your tags!! In both scenarios it saves so much time and money and absolutely increases your chances of finding what you are looking for, or offloading that great item.


For me, in addition to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas—my family all have a lot of birthdays that fall in this three month period as well. I never know when I’ll be hosting a guest or attending a function—so I like to keep several things on hand.


Who doesn’t love smores? Whether it is a impromptu bonfire date night with your significant other or a cookout with a group of friends, smores make everything better. I always make sure to grab some Hershey’s bars, graham crackers and marshmallows to have on hand—you know, just in case.

Cake or cookie baking supplies!

Forever the sugar fiend and not a fan of missing an event, I like to have these items on hand. I stock up on sprinkles for Christmas baking, cake mix for Halloween or birthday cupcakes, ingredients for carrot cake when the mood strikes. Brownies are also a quick and easy solution for contributing a great dessert! Pro tip: things like brownie and cake mix can be switched up for many different types of baking projects and sprinkles, chocolate chips, vegetable oil, flour, sugar, etc.—they all have a pretty long shelf life, do yourself a favor and keep these on hand. I promise it will make your days easier.


Every fall I also decide that this is my crafty time to shine. I want to go to all of the pumpkin patches and get out all of the holiday items. Checkout some cool fall home projects you can do for compliments to your décor, or just to get yourself a little more in the fall spirit. Until next time summer!


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Written by: Mindi Flippen


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