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Paingone - Fast, Effective, Relieving


Chronic or persistent pain can be one of the most troublesome burdens to those experiencing it. Whether it’s due to occupations or hobbies, illnesses or accidents pain isn’t always easily treatable. When it is treatable, you’re often prescribed heavy or expensive sedatives that can make everyday life and work more difficult and arduous. It’s important to note that the solution for your pain is the solution that works for you. Consulting a physician is incredibly important to getting the correct solution to your problems. But when it comes to minor or persistent pain, there’s a new product demonstrating some revelatory effects! 

The original story of Paingone is quite simple. Invented in Denmark, the device was designed to provide relieving forms of TENS therapy to those that need it. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, otherwise known as TENS therapy, uses a low voltage electrical charge to help provide pain relief. Typically, the devices will use a small remote attached to wires and pads that you would apply to the pained area. However, the Paingone features an optimal design for travel and everyday use, without the annoying wires and pads!

Since 2010, Paingone has been providing a unique form of pain relief internationally and has only continued to innovate their products that further help their customers and users. Their most prominent line of devices uses mild electrical impulses that help to stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. By using the device for just 30 seconds, users are able to experience relief for multiple kinds of pain in multiple different areas. For those suffering from Sports or Athletic sores or ailments, to those with Arthritis or Arthrosis, Paingone’s products can provide a surprisingly effective and affordable form of relief.

Paingone Products Have Come To The USA

Without a complicated mechanism or use of any form of drugs, Paingone Plus and other devices provide a simple form of relief that comes with little to no risks for its users. That probably explains why 98% of Paingone users keep and continue to use their product.

While the Paingone Plus and similar products are portable and easily accessible, that doesn’t mean that they’re always suitable for every single situation. That’s why it’s especially beneficial that Paingone is now offering two products on American shores: Paingone Plus and Paingone Freeze! We’ve already discussed the simple-but-effective system that makes the Plus such a great product, but what exactly is the Freeze?

If you’re imagining a miniature Freeze Ray that looks like the Paingone Plus, you’ve got a great imagination. However, the Paingone Freeze is actually much more beneficial, and much less science fiction. Designed to provide an “ice-pack” form of relief, Paingone Freeze is a soothing topical gel that can be used on any aches or pains throughout most of the body. The effect is instant, and the relief is immediate thanks to a long-lasting cooling sensation.

Though the Paingone Freeze can tackle plenty of pain-related tasks, the Paingone Plus is designed to be a more formidable opponent to temporary or chronic pain. Using the Paingone TENS technology, it provides relief that is both immediate and compact! The device is easily packed into any backpack or suitcase and can provide lengthy reprieve from your pain wherever you need it, especially thanks to the convenient battery pack.

Compact Pain Relief!

More than anything else, the Paingone products are designed to help ease pain. Be it with a mild electrical impulse or with a soothing and cooling gel, the products provide peace of mind to those that need it. Long-term pains, chronic tension and other forms of pain and discomfort don’t always need to be treated with expensive drugs with possible side effects. Instead, Paingone has a few alternatives to offer, and they can’t wait for you to explore them!

Sleep8 is excited to help Paingone show off their popular products to a new audience. Though they already have over 2 million users around the globe, Paingone has now made their way to the United States, so be sure to explore these innovative and exciting solutions to your pain problems!


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