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Ozone vs. Soap and Water


Cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP accessories can be just as important as using it. Dust, mold and many other harmful allergens or bacteria can fester and grow in items left alone and uncleaned. Whether you use your machine at home or on-the-go, it’s important for your health that you maintain your device to the utmost quality. As a device that provides continuous air for those that struggle with respiratory or breathing issues, unclean or unsanitized accessories can leave you vulnerable to countless ailments. So how do you determine the best way to keep your accessories clean, and yourself healthy?

While soap and water may seem like a sufficient cleaning solution, it’s only as effective as the soap solution that’s used. The global pandemic that is currently plaguing the world is teaching an all important lesson: that antibacterial cleaning solutions are generally more effective than their normal soap counterparts, and that it’s important to eliminate harmful bacteria as quickly as possible. If you’re using a CPAP device, you’re likely already cautious about respiratory issues and the harm that unclean accessories can do. That then begs the question: what is the best way to eliminate mold and bacteria from your CPAP mask and tubing?

Ozone Cleaner Or Soap - Which Is Better?

The Sleep8 is an efficient and effective CPAP companion device that uses Ozone to support your CPAP device’s tubing, mask and more. This simple system uses an effective form of Ozone otherwise known as Activated Oxygen. By adding one molecule of oxygen to ordinary room temperature air, the Sleep8 is able to harness ozone and become a reliable CPAP companion that you can rely on. Thanks to its convenient bag, USB charger and portability the Sleep8 also makes for a great travel companion, for either long vacations or tedious business trips.

Just how important is it to wash your hands thoroughly? It’s always been polite and commonplace to wash one’s hands while cooking, cleaning and more, but it’s now become incredibly important to completely and rigorously clean your hands to the point of removing all soapy suds and residue. Otherwise, some harmful bacteria may remain. Unfortunately, the same goes for the Soap and Water treatment for cleaning your CPAP accessories. They demand a thorough and arduous cleaning, but it doesn’t need to be difficult! A difficult hand-washing with antibacterial soap can be thorough, but can still leave undetectable cells, bacteria or more behind.

The Sleep8 system’s unique bag prevents this issue. After placing your CPAP mask and tubing inside the filter bag, all you need to do is attach the device and begin the cleaning process. There’s no potential for added chemicals left behind, like with some soaps or cleaners, because the Sleep8 simply doesn’t use any! By using the efficient cleaning power of ozone, you can stay free and clear of harmful bacteria and molds that might otherwise infect you and affect your CPAP machine!

On-The-Go - The Best Solution

Airline travel continues to limit the amount of liquids one can take in either their carry-on or their luggage. The truth is that this is a necessary precaution to ensure traveler protection, but it can also have adverse effects on those that rely on certain systems or devices. Traveling with powerful soaps or cleaning solutions just isn’t feasible anymore. Many find their stowed liquids and cleaner taken from their bags upon arrival at their destination, or have them removed right in front of them. In those few instances where Airlines would allow it in your check-in bags, it could add expensive pounds to an already expensive flight! However, it should come as no surprise that those with the Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner are not facing these issues.

As previously mentioned, the Sleep8 uses no chemicals, liquids or any other additives: just room temperature air with an extra, added molecule of oxygen. You don’t need to carry around elaborate brushes or cleaning systems that add bulk to your luggage! You don’t need to pack special soaps or cleaners that are no longer acceptable on some flights. It’s just the simple Sleep8 device and your reusable filter bag. That makes traveling with the Sleep8 just as easy as traveling with your actual CPAP machine. By avoiding liquids or added chemicals, you can avoid issues while on vacations and business trips!

Convenient and Clean with Sleep8

The most important benefit of the Sleep8 is a CPAP system that can deliver clean, consistent air to those that need it. How exactly can your CPAP do that if it’s contaminated with mold, dust, or other allergens of bacteria? The simple truth is it can’t, and most of our typical cleaning systems are inefficient and ineffective. While soap and water may be the simplest and easiest solution, it’s not the best.

You can’t ensure that there won’t be leftover residue around your device, and the fact that you have to clean the device yourself can make it an elaborate process more difficult. That’s why the Sleep8 device is such an important alternative. Your mask, tubing and other CPAP pieces can easily be placed in the reusable filter bag.

CPAP machines deliver consistent oxygen, but they also provide many with security, health and safety. It’s important to maintain the integrity of those machines in the best way possible: ensuring that they both work as well as they’re intended, and that they don’t harm those that they’re created to help. The Sleep8 is the best option to support your CPAP, BIPAP or APAP accessories effectively and efficiently, whenever and wherever you need to!


Written by: Daniel Mills


  • Gary Stern

    Is there any reason that one cannot place N95 or other face masks in the bag for ozone sanitizing? If that is ok to do; is it better to leave the unrelated CPAP tubing plugged into the interior connection?

  • Sleep8

    In response to your great questions:

    B_SIlber: The Sleep8 can definitely be used by more than one person in the household and can be used more than once per day. We would recommend that each user have their own filter bag for the best clean. The buzzer goes off when the cycle is complete and the Sleep8 is powering down. At that point is is safe to disconnect the Sleep8 device from the bag and store it. We would recommend leaving the bag itself closed for another hour after the cycle is complete.

    Sheldon: We actually do have published studies regarding safety and efficacy. Our customer service team is happy to provide those. Please contact us at support@mysleep8.com or 888-549-9799 to speak to a representative.

    Michael: On the inside of the filter bag you will see a nozzle, which is used to connect your CPAP hose. With the hose connected, the ozone will actually travel through the hose before exiting and filling the rest of the bag. The hose can be curled up, but just make sure it isn’t kinked to block the flow of ozone.

    Eric: We would absolutely love to be able to make that claim, but as our device is a medical product, we must stand by rules set forth by the FDA, which has not yet evaluated ozone as a possible sanitizer against COVID-19.

  • Mona Goeckeler

    I have had my Sleep 8 for several months now and I am really pleased. I makes it so much easier to keep my CPAP equipment clean. Well worth the investment.

  • Rose Foti

    It works well I own one.

  • Eric W

    Why have neglected to not say Ozone kills Covid-19 on surfaces?

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