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Ozone’s Effect on CPAP Machines


Are you wondering if certain CPAP cleaning systems will damage the inside of your CPAP machine? Or perhaps you have read a few complaints online, from sleep apnea patients who thinks their machine sounds louder after using ozone. If so, you are in the right place and should keep reading. There is a ton of misinformation circling the internet about ozone’s effect on CPAP Machines. The confusion usually comes from people reading over information too quickly, or not conducting research in the first place. For example, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of ozone, and how different companies use it to sanitize CPAP machines. Once you know things work, it is easier to understand why sleep 8 emerges as one of the safest cleaning systems for CPAP machines. 


What is Ozone? How Does It Work?

In layman’s terms ozone is an activated version of oxygen already found in the atmosphere, or oxygen with an electrical charge. Some people hear the word “ozone”, and immediately think about the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a region of the Earth’s stratosphere that has high concentrations of ozone. The ozone layer protects living things on earth from the sun. Some cleaning solutions are made up of the same gas (ozone) that composes the ozone layer. In some ways, ozone protects sleep apnea patients by sanitizing certain parts of their CPAP machines. Ozone is safe and has been used by hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions for many years. Most have found it highly effective when combating bacteria and viruses. It is the world’s second most effective cleaning agent. Once ozone encounters a bacterial cell, there is a natural reaction that scientists call an oxidative burst. The burst occurs when the bacterial cell wall ruptures, permanently damaging the wall and annihilating the bacteria.

Why Use Ozone to Sanitize CPAP Machines?

It is a beautiful thing when those diagnosed with sleep disorders can finally enjoy a full night of sleep, after using their CPAP machine. Many first-time users will tell anyone who will listen, how well they slept the first night with their CPAP Machine. Some will even go on to discuss how much energy they have the following day, after their first night of good sleep. Most find joy in hooking up to their machine, as it becomes an integral part of their nightly routine. The CPAP puts an end to nagging headaches, reduce sluggishness, and eliminate the need for power naps during the day. However, it is critical for CPAP users to properly sanitize the machine between periods of sleep. Moisture present in the air is constantly being pushed through the unit if the machine is used regularly. The tubing and mask are the two parts of the CPAP susceptible to capturing moisture, creating an environment conducive to the overgrowth of bad bacteria. If the air coming through the machine has even the slightest bad odor, that is a sign that contaminants may be lurking in the machine. Overtime, CPAP machines need protection against things such as:

  • Mold
  • Dust and Dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Mildew

The Effects of Ozone on CPAP Machines

Although ozone naturally occurs in the environment and has become the world’s second most effective cleaning agent, some things should be noted. ResMed recently issued a document citing concerns regarding the use of ozone cleaning agents, and the interior of CPAP machines. The document correctly pointed out that the inside of CPAP machines can become damaged if ozone is constantly pushed through the machine. All brands of CPAP sanitizing units are not the same, and some will pump an ozone cleaning agent throughout the entire machine. Ozone can corrode the electronic portion of your CPAP device, especially after prolonged use. This is why some machines sound a little louder after using a sanitizing unit. These types of sanitizing units may require the CPAP machine to be pre-washed and use a filter. Sleep8 does not pump ozone through your machine, instead it uses the perfect amount in your mask and tubing to destroy harmful allergens.

What Sets Sleep8 Apart from Other Ozone Sanitizing Units

Sleep8 is lightweight, portable, cordless, and does not require water.  It is much easier to place in a carry-on bag because it is so much smaller than other leading brands. A Sleep8 unit has multiple safety features, but the most prominent feature is a one-way flapper valve. This valve ensures that ozone is caught within the filter sanitizing bag. The automatic shut-off prevents the unit from running when it is not properly connected. The unit uses a micro USB charger and takes an hour and a half to fully charge. There is no question of whether your CPAP machine is fully clean, because ozone will spread through the entire mask and tubing. Again, ozone is not pushed through the entire machine, nor is there a need to buy to filters for the Sleep8 machine. Other sanitizing units require the use of filters that have to be changed periodically, some costing as much as $30.00. The filters needed for the sanitizing units are an additional expense on top of everything else and have to be replaced periodically.


Most people fail to read through all of the information regarding the use of ozone and assume it is bad. Ozone is a natural cleaning agent that is highly effective in destroying bacteria, mold, dust, dirt, and much more. If ozone had bad effects on people and equipment, it would be banned from being used in hospitals and nursing homes. One more point that should be made about masks and tubing is that they should be replaced every three months. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of masks and tubing at least twice a year, and CPAP filters every 90 days. Unfortunately, the CPAP machine itself cannot be replaced as often. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the CPAP machine every five years. Sleep8 is a company that understands the importance of keeping your CPAP sanitized but recognizes that the interior of your unit is delicate.


Written by: Anntonieyo Tabor


  • Franklin Silver

    I would like to know how to clean the interior of the machine. Mine is very loud. I had a different CPAP cleaner that I used for at least 6 months I think. but when I found the costs involved in keeping it in a few other pieces of information I chose to switch to sleep8. I use the machine every night.

  • Mike McLean

    I use the sleep8 cleaner and it is GREAT! Very easy to use and it travels well. I would highly recommend this unit to nayone with a CPAP sytem.

  • Ron Hunt

    I clean my CPAP once a week with the sleep 8. Should it be more than that and how often do I need to replace the sleep 8 bag and why.

  • Kathy H.

    I love my Sleep 8. I chose it over the the other machines for several reasons. You do not have to prewash anything, my tubing, mask and water chamber fit right in the bag and it’s so small and portable. I do not have some machine sitting out in my room. There is some mask discoloration of the mask after several cleanings but it does not seem to change the way the mask seals to your face.

  • BIll Moon

    Very useful information. Thank You.

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