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Ozone Cleaners vs. UV Cleaners


As the world continues to be plagued by harmful viruses and damaging fires, CPAP machines are becoming increasingly important to those that use them. Helping those with breathing issues to sleep peacefully instead of suffering through the night. As the device provides continuous airway pressure, it’s incredibly important that the components and accessories be cleaned and maintained to ensure that any bacteria that might get into your machine doesn’t get into your lungs. But is the best solution taking a scrub and brush to your expensive CPAP tubing and masks? Not exactly.

The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner has proven to be a sound, efficient and effective way of sanitizing your CPAP supplies, leading many around the world to relieve daily stress with this very simple system. However, many have claimed that UV Light Cleaners are also a sufficient means of keeping those harmful airborne irritants from getting into your body. Though the science can be appealing, does the UV light truly have the intense and effective cleaning power similar to that of a Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner? Let’s take a look.

Convenience in Cleaning

So how exactly do those sophisticated systems clean CPAP accessories, and which is better for you? First, let’s take a look at the Sleep8’s technology and how it uses water-less oxygen to support your accessories.

The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner comes equipped with the Sleep8 Device, a Filter Bag and a Micro USB Charger. Take your PAP tubing and mask and simply place the accessories into the filter bag before turning on the device. The Sleep8 will then use “activated oxygen”, otherwise known as Ozone, to clean the pieces that were placed in the Filter Bag.

There’s no need for use of water, additional sanitizers or even any scrubbing! The device is also easy to travel with and easy to power, as it features a convenient Micro USB charger that ensures you can use the Sleep8 wherever you are. Simple and easy-to-use, to say the least.

So how exactly do UV Cleaners sanitize a CPAP device?

UV Cleaners unsurprisingly use UV light to clean the equipment. However, the processes that the two machines use are vastly different. Instead of a small device and filter bag, UV Cleaners tend to be large, plastic containers that house all of the equipment that needs to be cleaned. Studies have shown that something as simple as a shadow could disrupt the UV light’s process, keeping specific sections of the tubing from being thoroughly cleaned.

On The Go

Another major issue is portability. The Sleep8 was designed to make travel much easier. Instead of a bulky box or lengthy device the Sleep8 components are about the size of a TV remote and a grocery bag, as the filter bags will end up containing the pieces that need to be cleaned while the Sleep8 does the work. UV Cleaners aren’t convenient travel companions like the Sleep8. They tend to be bucket or box-sized containers that themselves are meant to house every piece or accessory that needs to be sanitized. That doesn’t exactly sound like a system that can easily fit into a piece of luggage. In fact, many of the leading UV cleaners aren’t even chargeable, meaning that they need to be plugged into an outlet whenever they’re working.

The biggest issue of all when it comes to traveling with either device is the weight and size. Since the Sleep8 device and Filter Bag are roughly the size of a remote control and a grocery bag, they can fit just about anywhere, but what about the weight? Thankfully, the Sleep8 device and a filter bag together weigh less than 1 pound, meaning they won’t drive up any unnecessary travel expenses. The leading UV cleaners, however, can weigh upwards of 5-6 pounds! They can also be over a foot long, while the Sleep8 is just over 6 inches in length.

When and if you need to travel with your CPAP device, it appears that the Sleep8 is the obvious solution to cleaning and sanitizing masks, tubing and accessories while on-the-go.

A Deeper, Better Cleaning

One of the key differences that separates the two processes is time. While the Sleep8 has a 1-hour cleaning cycle some UV Cleaners run for a shorter period of time. However, considering the importance of the equipment being cleaned, a thorough clean is more important than a quick clean. UV Light has to be in direct contact with a surface to be able to sanitize it meaning that something as simple as a shadow cast from a piece of tubing could be enough to keep your mask from being fully cleaned.


The simple truth is that there are numerous issues to take into consideration when buying a Cleaner for something as important as a CPAP device’s mask, tubing and accessories. A thorough cleaner will ensure that your device’s components are free from harmful bacteria or irritants that could affect them or you. Choosing a convenient travel companion will mean that you won’t need to stress over luggage expenses or space issues. After taking all of those factors into consideration the Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner is the obvious standout to take the stress out of cleaning, travel and more.


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Written by: Daniel Mills


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