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Meet Sleep8's New Travel Case Companion

Traveling with your Sleep8 device just got even better with Sleep8's new Travel Case companion! Keep your Sleep8 device, filter bag, mini USB charger and Mask M8tes cleaning wipes safe while traveling. Our travel case is also a convenient way to keep all of your CPAP cleaning supplies located in one location while on-the-go!

We're excited to announce our new Sleep8 travel case will be available to purchase soon. Enter you e-mail address and information in the box below to be notified once it's available for purchase!


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  • Brad Bailey

    Curious as to the rigidity of the case with the pocketed filter bag over the power button. The travel ease of the Sleep8 is negated by a power button that is not flush or guarded to prevent accidental depression. When the power button is pushed, the unit will bleep to indicate a filter bag is not properly attached. This could raise suspicions if emanating from luggage or travel case. Hello, TSA, it’s just my CPAP sanitizing unit.

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