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Is an Ozone Cleaner Right for Me?


Today it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that you and your loved ones have a great night’s sleep, free of any breathing issues or struggles. Pollution, on levels both large and small, is already affecting the daily life of countless people around the world. Many people are already vulnerable thanks to unfortunate but treatable breathing issues, meaning that a good night’s sleep can be readily available to many of those suffering around the world. Sleep Apnea is a health issue plaguing over 50 million adults in the United States alone. For a number of reasons, airways can become obstructed or clogged during sleep, leading to a multitude of issues that can stem from the problem if left untreated.


That’s why many Sleep Apnea sufferers around the world have started to use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. Designed to provide and deliver consistent air to your throat and airways, the device is absolutely invaluable to those that have used it to find comfort and, more importantly, a good night’s sleep. For those that have more serious issues and troubles with breathing a CPAP machine can be a literal lifesaver.


However, CPAP accessories are just as vulnerable as the person it’s attached to. There are a number of harmful bacteria that could not only affect CPAP accessories but could infect the system. If you’ve been using a CPAP machine to alleviate and help your breathing issues, steady and constant use can not only wear down your accessories but leave them open to contamination that can affect and infect you.


That’s where your Ozone Cleaner comes in!


Sleep 8 Ozone Cleaners are used to sanitize and provide ozone to CPAP accessories. CPAP machines already give comfort, sleep and help alleviate issues for many who are dealing with breathing issues around the world, but consistent use for a CPAP machine also means consistent cleaning. Ozone Cleaners provide ozone, otherwise known as “activated oxygen,” to further sanitize, and sometimes improve, CPAP accessories and the air they provide.


How Will an Ozone Cleaner Improve My Life?


The above issues have forced many of those suffering from respiratory issues to look for different solutions and aids to getting a good night’s sleep and getting the vital air they need to improve many aspects of their lives. CPAP machines are incredibly helpful to those in need, but their accessories are susceptible to a number of issues that needed their own solution.


The different components to the CPAP machine are each incredibly vital, which is why it’s equally vital that they be maintained and kept in the best quality. The numerous problems that could be caused by an unkempt system are all avoidable, if you’re willing to put up a fight to keep clean accessories!


Mold, mildew, dust and other bacteria are just a few of the many contaminants that CPAP accessories are susceptible to, which is why they need an extensive and thorough form of cleaning. Ozone has been used in the medical and nursing industries for years, and while it has occasionally come under scrutiny, Ozone is still used consistently for sanitization and cleaning purposes. While several CPAP manufacturers don’t recommend that you clean the machine itself with ozone, the Sleep 8 Ozone Cleaner is designed to help clean the CPAP machine’s mask, tube and water chamber.


While other cleaning agents can leave residue or are ultimately possibly harmful to the CPAP machine or user, the Sleep 8 Ozone CPAP Cleaner can be effective in the fight against mold, bacteria and other issues that might affect vulnerable CPAP accessories. If you’re using a CPAP machine to help you get a better night’s sleep, either at home or on a lengthy business trip or vacation, it’s important to take every precaution to ensure you’re using the safest equipment possible.


Sleep issues can affect more than your energy levels, or whether you need that second cup of coffee on any given day. Your heart and lungs can also be affected by those breathing issues, possibly causing irreparable damage to a person who’s already suffering from respiratory issues. Unfortunately, those problems only get worse when you factor in a mold or bacteria contamination, as sinus infections and respiratory infections can both be caused by contaminated CPAP accessories.


That’s why the Sleep 8 system can not only improve the cleanliness of your device, it ultimately has the power to improve the device itself, keeping you from inhaling or being infected by dangerous contaminants. However, using your CPAP system may already be a tedious task. Is an Ozone Cleaner right for you if it increases the difficulty of an already arduous process? The answer is a resounding yes, thanks to easy installation and usage!


Installation and Use - Easier Than You Think!


One of the most important aspects of convenience is ease of use, which is especially important when it comes to issues originating in CPAP machines. Whether on the road or in the safety of their own home, Sleep Apnea sufferers and others that use CPAP machines need to maintain their health and the integrity of their machines. That’s why the Sleep 8 was designed to be incredibly easy to use and install!


Sleep 8 CPAP Ozone Cleaner comes with an easy-to-install bag to contain a CPAP machine’s tubing, mask and dry water chamber. An instructional guide walks users through the short and simple process of using the Sleep 8 system. With the ability to both charge your Sleep 8 and use it at the same time, maintaining your CPAP machine has never been easier.


It’s becoming increasingly important to not only ensure that you get a good night’s sleep but that you keep yourself free of avoidable respiratory issues and infections. When you’re asking whether a Sleep 8 Ozone Cleaner is right for you, take into consideration the reasons that you own a CPAP machine in the first place. A more thoroughly cleaned CPAP doesn’t just lead to more peaceful sleep, it can lead to peace of mind.


Written by: Daniel Mills

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