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How To Tell If Your CPAP Machine Needs Cleaning

CPAP therapy or Continuous positive airway pressure can make a world of difference for the millions of Americans that struggle with sleep apnea. To get the most out of this effective therapy, making sure to keep your CPAP clean is a top priority. Here are some common signs your CPAP is in need of a cleaning. 
1. Feeling Under the Weather
While not every illness stems from a dirty CPAP, a lingering cold or if you notice your sinuses are bothering you more than usual, it could be that you're breathing in germs from your dirty CPAP equipment. 
2. An Unpleasant Odor
When you put on your CPAP mask, do you smell something unpleasant? This is a sure sign your CPAP needs a thorough clean. Odor can indicate that there could be mildew or mold living in your CPAP equipment since they thrive in moist, warm environments, like your CPAP tubing. 
3. Skin Irritation
When you place your CPAP mask on your face, it can pick-up everyday dirt and oils from your skin. If you aren't diligent about cleaning your CPAP it can continue to build up on your mask which can lead to skin irritation. 
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