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How Often Should You Replace Your CPAP Equipment?

CPAP maintenance is an essential step of CPAP therapy. Part of which involves replacing your CPAP equipment regularly. By doing this vital step, you ensure that the hygiene of your equipment is high and to keep your CPAP supplies functionally optimally so you get the most out of your CPAP therapy. 
How often you should replace your CPAP equipment can vary depending on numerous factors, but we always recommend following the advice of your doctor, CPAP manufacturer and insurance company. The below however can give you a general timeline and point you in the right direction. 
CPAP Mask and Cushions: Every 3 Months 
The CPAP mask itself is the harder plastic portion, can be replaced about once every three months while the cushion (or nasal pillows) should be replaced once or twice per month.
This may seem too often, but keep in mind that the cushion makes direct contact with your face every night. Over time, dirt and oils from your skin can cause the cushion to soften so that it no longer forms a tight seal with your face. Leading to air leaks, which hinder your CPAP therapy's effectiveness, as well as hygienic purposes. 
CPAP Tube: Every 3 Months
Like your mask, your CPAP tube should be replaced every three months. With frequent use, your tubing can develop cracks or tears which can result in air leaks. If air is able to escape, you will likely not be receiving the proper treatment. Also, the tube can harbor bacteria, especially with moisture or condensation inside. 
CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber: Every 6 Months
Your CPAP humidifier water chamber can typically last around six months before needing to be replaced, but always be on the look out for cracking or signs of discoloration. 

CPAP Headgear an Chin Straps: Every 6 Months
While your headgear and chinstrap may not seem quite as vital, you should still replace them approximately every six months for comfort, proper fit and efficacy. Both can loosen overtime leading to general discomfort. 
CPAP Machine: Every 5 Years
The good news is that your actual CPAP machine has a life span of about five years as long as you take good care of it, you should be able to get plenty of use out of it before needing a replacement. Replacing your CPAP equipment and daily cleanings help you get the most out of your CPAP equipment, limit exposure to pathogens and help keep your machine in use for five years. Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is the easiest and most effective way to clean CPAP supplies including your mask, tube and humidifier water chamber. 

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