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How Often Should You Clean CPAP Equipment?



This frequently asked question is one that plagues many of those that use CPAP machines. Having breathing issues, sleep apnea, severe asthma and more forces many to use machines that help them to achieve a healthier and more substantial night of sleep. As these machines and devices can affect your breathing for hours and hours at a time, it’s important that they be maintained carefully and cleaned frequently, but exactly how frequently should you be cleaning your CPAP equipment?

Frequent Use? Frequent Cleaning!

If you use your CPAP machine daily you should be cleaning its components just as frequently. Being exposed to open-air, and even the warm air of your lungs, can leave lingering bacteria on your device. Not only can these bacteria or contaminants affect the quality of that very air you breathe, but it can affect the seals or quality of the tubes and masks as well, further proving that to keep healthy you need to keep cleaning your device.

Between masks, tubing, filters and more there are quite a few components to maintain and clean for your CPAP machine. That sounds like a ridiculous amount of hassle.

Rather than standing above a sink trying to carefully clean your CPAP machine and its pieces, look for a solution that is proven to sanitize your equipment in a simple and easily organized fashion. However, there are a few problems that make CPAP device cleaning a difficult process. Your equipment can be incredibly delicate, requiring a deft hand that can handle the pieces carefully. Moisture, leftover cleaners, soaps and more can linger in the crevices of your device, or be incapable of sanitizing the contaminant or dust within your machine. Not only that, the unfortunate truth is the cleaning process can be a long or difficult task that you may not remember until the very last second.

Thankfully, innovation has led to a product designed to make the CPAP cleaning process a breeze! The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner is designed to sanitize CPAP machines with nothing more than the touch of a button! To ensure that you have the best experience with your CPAP machine, we recommend using the Sleep8 device every single day. Instead of having to arduously clean the machine parts though you simply place the relevant items into the Sleep 8 filter bag before turning the machine on.

The filter in the bag will wear out over time, but with 3 months of use from just one bag, the Sleep8 convenience should be obvious and immediate.

Saving Time For A Daily Routine!

Having to clean your CPAP equipment regularly does not have to be a bad thing! Many of our daily chores are getting easier and easier thanks to modern inventions or innovations that are designed to improve our lives. One such device is the aforementioned Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner for CPAP devices. Having to individually clean every single piece of your mask and tubing can be an arduous ordeal. Unfortunately, many don’t remember to clean their device until right before they plan to use it. So your device may be unavailable, or possibly contaminated with harmful bacteria, just when you need it most. What’s the best way to prevent this scenario?

Find a CPAP cleaner that’s easy to use, easy to travel with or transport, and that is able to thoroughly clean and sanitize your device - that’s the Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner. The Sleep8 device is designed to be used every single day, as often as you need to clean your device. And the Sleep8 comes equipped with filter bags that won’t need to be replaced until 3 months of use! The process itself only takes around 1 hour to completely sanitize your CPAP implements, without having to trouble yourself with scrubbing and washing.

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Written by: Daniel Mills



    Is this machine approved by the FDA?

  • Lloyd moulton

    can I order the carry case by itself as I already have a sleep 8 sanitizing machine

  • jeff williams

    The CPAP machine has drastically improved and no doubt saved my life. Sleep 8 is easy to use, but I clean it every other day. That allows my bag to last 6 months. I don’t like the shipping fee, but otherwise, sleep 8 is easy to use and I would recommend.

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