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Do Ozone Generators Really Kill Bacteria?

One question on the minds of everyone that has used or is using Ozone CPAP cleaners is how effective Ozone generators are at killing bacteria? The answer is simple. Ozone is brilliant at tackling harmful bacteria and killing it completely, because of its highly reactive properties. These properties make Ozone not only good at reacting with bacteria but destroying it completely.

How does it kill bacteria?

When an Ozone molecule meets a bacterial cell, it reacts with it.  The 3rd oxygen atom from the Ozone Molecule forces its way into one of the molecules of the cell wall.  This change in the cell walls molecular structure causes holes in the cell walls of the bacteria. The cell walls hold the cell together, and without any walls the bacteria start to fall apart. Ozone molecules will repeatedly do this whenever they meet bacteria, which results in rapid destruction of bacteria.

Because ozone is a gas it is able to flow into most any location including microscopic cracks and small crevices.  Very often these locations act as a breeding ground for bacteria. These places are hard to reach using traditional cleaning and treatment techniques, which means finding the source of the bacteria and eliminating it is even harder. Ozone reaches these hidden places, and destroys the bacteria.

Ozone generators are effective tools in quickly surrounding and destroying bacteria, giving them little chance to re-propagate.  That is the reason why Ozone is used to manage bacteria levels in homes and public areas across the country.

The Sleep8 Cleaner

There can be some risks associated with Ozone generators, but they can be addressed if devices are used correctly, and they have the right technology. There are a lot of Ozone cleaners on the market today, but you shouldn’t take risks with some of the cheaper alternatives, since many don’t maintain safe ozone containment in their cleaning chambers.  This can create health hazards, since ozone will be pumped directly into the room.

Good health is priceless, which is what makes the Sleep8 Ozone cleaner an absolute steal. It encourages the use of your CPAP machine regularly by effectively cleaning the equipment. It uses ozone to kill all bacteria and any remnants of bacteria, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and rest, without worrying about any infections.

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