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Do Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

Mold exposure is extremely dangerous and CPAP users may be more at risk to it. Mold grows in warm, humid environment and many CPAP devices provide such an environment with ease. Microscopic spores can settle in the pipes or the body of the device. If not cleaned properly, the spores will grow and can infect the user. The risk to one’s health is higher as the CPAP device directly impacts the respiratory system of a person.

What Does Mold Exposure Do?

Many forms of mold are toxic to people. While mold in the house is harmful, mold in a CPAP machine can be far more dangerous for a person. This is because of the direct access it gets to a person’s respiratory system. Certain Molds can not only get into the lungs but they can also enter the bloodstream and start to impact the neurological functions of a person.

Constant exposure to toxic mold can start to cause depression, impair motor functions and in many cases, lead to permanent brain damage. Toxic mold can also cause loss of appetite, respiratory problems, trigger asthma or allergic reactions and cause coma to a person. Diagnosis of toxic mold exposure can be difficult as well since a person

What Increases Chances of Mold Growth in you CPAP mask and tubing?

Presence of moisture in your CPAP machine increases the risk of mold growth. Even if the machine is closed, excess moisture will mold. Furthermore, visible signs of mold will not be always present so you can’t identify a mold infestation immediately.

This means that if spores are present, they could infect you before you find out. Poor cleaning practices can also place the user at risk. It’s advisable to clean the CPAP machine after every use. Waiting to clean it after two or three uses only increases the risk of mold infection.

Ozone is Effective in Killing Mold

Additionally, there is confusion about which cleaning method is the best one. Bleach and water solutions or vinegar rinses are recommended but there is a risk factor here. Residual bleach and even vinegar can aggravate the lining of your throat and nose.

A Great option to thoroughly clean your CPAP machine is Sleep8 Ozone CPAP Cleaner. Using the Sleep8 is easy since all you have to do is place the mask and tubes inside, and turn it on. The ozone CPAP cleaner will then automatically clean the device.

In our most recent tests, Sleep8 used ozone which is known to kill 99.99% of ATCC 10231, a hearty strain of mold commonly used in  disinfection testingSleep8 Mold Sterilization Test ATCC 10231

Get the Sleep8 Ozone CPAP cleaner

Finding the right ozone CPAP cleaner will also make an impact on your cleaning routine. Bulkier and difficult to use units, and get in the way and become tedious to use. A good option is the Sleep8 Ozone CPAP cleaner. Designed specifically to be easy to use, this cleaner is small and very powerful. It can clean your CPAP device quickly and effectively.

The battery operated cleaner is also portable and can fit in carry-on bags and even laptop cases. Additionally, it leaves no harmful residue nor does it release ozone in the environment. If you are looking for the best, safest ozone CPAP cleaner, you can’t wrong with the Sleep8 Ozone CPAP cleaner.

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