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Do I Still Have To Change My Resupply Items If I Clean With Ozone?


*Nothing in this article constitutes medical advice. Seek the guidance of a physician if you have any questions.*

Many around the world are already experiencing the convenience and effectiveness of Ozone Cleaners. For those that use CPAP machines, cleaning machine components and accessories can be a daily chore, and an arduous one too! That’s where Ozone Cleaners like the Sleep8 come in. With a unique “activated oxygen” system, the Sleep8 uses Ozone to support your mask, tubing and smaller components of most CPAP devices. Considering CPAP devices are most often used daily to help with breathing issues, they also require daily cleaning to guarantee that harmful bacteria or irritants don’t get into the user’s system.

Much like the bags that the Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner uses to sanitize the device’s components and accessories, the CPAP’s accessories should also be replaced over time. However, the Ozone Cleaner is a relatively new system that sanitizes in a new way, does this mean that certain components won’t need to be replaced? Not exactly. So before you start reusing old CPAP masks and tubing, let’s discuss which parts of the CPAP system actually need resupplying.

What Are Resupply Items?

Resupply items are common in the medical industry. Any time a piece of equipment touches someone’s face or skin it will either need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced to guarantee a sanitary environment. Everything from chair covers to gauze are technically resupply items. Considering just how much bacteria and oil can exist on your skin, this is a necessary precaution with almost every piece of medical machinery.

While it is sanitary in general to clean off or replace items after use, it’s even more important when it comes to equipment like CPAP masks and tubing. Dust and dirt can contaminate any medical device and affect not only its use, but the user. Even though you may clean your device’s accessories or parts after every use, that doesn’t mean that bacteria or other irritants won’t build-up over time. That’s why it’s incredibly important and vital to your health that you resupply the recommended items of any medical device when necessary.

Another major reason for resupply items is damage, which can occur simply from use or from harmful “wear and tear”. Holes can appear, adhesives can weaken and components can become contaminated, leaving you with a damaged or ineffective system that is unable to provide you with necessary care. If you’re using machines that assist with breathing, like a CPAP device, they need to be maintained with the utmost care. However, considering just how many components a CPAP device has, let’s first break down exactly which CPAP accessories are “resupplies”.

What Are My CPAP Resupply Items?

Replacements and resupplies are necessary for a wide number of reasons: from ensuring that your devices don’t lose their effectiveness or become affected by harmful bacteria to guaranteeing that said components and pieces are in optimal working order. Everything from dirt, dust, mildew and more could get into your device, affecting the quality of air you’re receiving from your CPAP machine. To receive better treatment and therapy it’s important to keep your device clean and maintained, and that includes its components! Over time, wear and damage will inevitably lead to problems with the masks or tubing, which is why those are the most important “resupply items” of the CPAP device.

Face cushions, nasal cushions and pillows should all be replaced on the monthly basis. Framing and tubing should be replaced every few months, and the headgear, chinstraps and filters should be replaced every six months. Depending on the manufacturer, you could end up replacing parts or components even sooner than that. While this may be a costly expenditure, it’s important that you take your health into account when it comes to medical equipment and recommendations. So why exactly are you supposed to buy new components anyway?

The first answer is simply for your health. It’s imperative to follow the directions of any medical device very, very closely. Medical mishaps may be common but they can often be easily avoided, make sure that you’re completely up-to-date on the resupply regulations or restrictions of your devices. Secondly, that regular “wear and tear” we discussed, or even damage caused by cleaning, could erode the accessories or affect their overall effectiveness. Your mask and tubing wouldn’t be as likely to provide you with clean air if they had holes in them, or if they had some sort of bacterial build-up. Regardless of cost or convenience, it’s important to resupply the suggested items for the sake of your health.

Sleep8 Has A Softer Touch

There are a number of different ways to clean your CPAP mask, tubing, headgear and more. Chemicals and wipes can be easy to apply and efficient to use; brushes and pipe-cleaners could also suffice for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in tubing and water chambers. However, you may end up doing more damage and harm to your equipment than good. With harsher forms of cleaning and sanitization that require physical contact or powerful chemicals, “wear and tear” will be much more frequent. This will inevitably lead to more frequent replacements on the already costly resupply components of the CPAP device.

But will your components face the same issues if you sanitize with the Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner? The simple answer is no. Thanks to the unique Ozone Cleaner system, any user simply places their CPAP accessories and components into the convenient Sleep8 bag. After activation, the only thing needed to complete the hands-free sanitization process is time. No difficult scrubbing that could damage your tubing or affect your masks’ quality; no harsh chemicals or cleansers that need to be rigorously wiped from the surface of your equipment. Rather than a laborious scrubbing system that could leave you replacing components sooner than recommended, the Sleep8 can help you to sanitize your CPAP’s masks, tubing and other relevant equipment without fear of damage or harmful bacteria!


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Written by: Daniel MIlls


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