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Cleaning CPAP Equipment and How to Clean CPAP Tubing

CPAP tubing is a prime breeding ground for mold and bacteria due in part to the condensation that creates moisture in your equipment. It's important to keep your CPAP tubing clean and dry to avoid exposure and germs. 
Since CPAP tubing is usually six feet long, efficient cleaning can be challenging. You'll find our favorite  CPAP tubing cleaning tips below.
Soap and Water
Most CPAP manufactures recommend soaking your CPAP tubing and equipment in warm, soapy water daily to ensure your CPAP is clean. While doing this, you'll want to ensure you swish the solution through your CPAP cleaning and rinse out all of the soap and then dry the interior of the tube thoroughly to prevent mold growth.
Use a Cleaning Brush for CPAP Tubing
If you want to ensure your CPAP tubing is clean while using soap and water, you'll want to use a CPAP tube cleaning brush. This specifically designed cleaning tool is a long narrow toll with a brush end that inserts into your CPAP tubing for gentle scrubbing.
Dry CPAP Tubing 
As mentioned previously, keeping your CPAP tubing try and eliminating moisture is the key to keeping your CPAP equipment clean as a clean and dry CPAP tubing is less likely to grow mold. After cleaning your CPAP tubing, hanging it to dry or laying it out on a flat surface is an important step in the cleaning process.
While manually cleaning your CPAP tubing and equipment can be very effective, it's more difficult to clean this way. Improper cleaning can also lead to a dirty CPAP. The best way to clean CPAP tubing thoroughly is with the fully automated Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner. Sleep8 not only cleans your CPAP tubing, but also cleans your mask and other CPAP equipment - simple and efficiently without water or disassembly.
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