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Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Needs


In the past decade it seems like numerous mattress companies have sprouted up out of nowhere, giving consumers a much more diverse plethora of options compared to traditional offerings.

Companies like Tuft & Needle, Casper, Nectar and Purple have presented people with more personalized options compared to the traditional standard spring mattress.

Many people don’t realize how imperative a mattress is to a solid night’s sleep. After all, about one-third of your life is spent sleeping, so it only makes sense that your mattress should be prioritized to provide you with maximum comfort and reliability. Don’t spend years on end putting up with a mattress that is old and worn or just flat out uncomfortable.

With so many options out there, how do you know how to select the right mattress for your needs?

What types of mattresses are there to choose from?

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting a mattress type, do you know what they are all made from? Here are some of the most common varieties of mattresses out there for you to consider.


Innerspring mattresses are probably the most well-known out of all the choices out there today and have been around the longest. Innerspring mattresses are made up of:

  1. Foundation: Provides structure to the bed and is a support for the core coils
  2. Core: The core of an innerspring mattress houses the coils and strings
  3. Comfort layer: The upholstered portion of the mattress that makes direct contact with you

Innerspring mattresses are generally the most affordable, costing much less than options like memory foam. There are some different options when it comes to innerspring mattresses such as a pillow-top, which adds another layer of padding for extra comfort.

Memory Foam

One of the most popular mattress materials today is memory foam. This option can get pricey, as a king-size memory foam mattress from a top company can cost upwards of $5-6k. Memory foam offers features like no motion transfer (so you don’t feel your partner moving around) and reduced pressure on the body, which makes it great for achy joints. Memory foam also conforms well to your body, reducing tossing and turning at night.

One of the more common complaints about memory foam is that it feels very warm at night, so if you are sensitive to temperature when you sleep, memory foam may not be the best option.


While many people think of a cheap air mattress that can be blown up on a camping trip when someone mentions an airbed, there are much more elegant options these days. The most popular mattresses that use air can be customized with a remote, adding or removing air to make it softer or more firm based on your personal preference.


Latex mattresses are an eco-friendly option with a slew of benefits. Latex has more elasticity and is more responsive than memory foam, giving sleepers a little more bounce without sacrificing support. Latex also offers less heat retention which can help people feel more comfortable at night without overheating. 

How do you know which mattress to choose?

With a seemingly endless supply of mattresses and brands to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to actually making a decision. How can you make that decision easier?  

Utilize the trial period

Fortunately, a large number of retailers and manufacturers offer a trial period in which they will take the mattress back after a defined interval of time if you don't like it! Take advantage of this option. If possible, visit a store that has the mattress on display so you can lie on it and determine if you like it or not.

Evaluate any health issues

Your physical health plays a notable role in choosing the right mattress for yourself. Issues such as arthritis, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and other conditions can influence your choice of mattresses. Even health problems like acid reflux should be taken into consideration as you start your search for an appropriate mattress, since options like a movable base may be helpful for elevation during the night.

Sleep apnea sufferers

People who suffer from sleep apnea should especially invest in a high-quality mattress that will keep them comfortable throughout the night. People with sleep apnea often have issues with getting a good night’s sleep, and the wrong mattress can just add to the problem.

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Written by: Amanda Peterson


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