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Best Relaxation Techniques to Help You Sleep Like a Baby


*Nothing in this article constitutes medical advice. Seek the guidance of a physician if you have any questions.*


There are over 80 different sleep disorders in which a whopping 50 million Americans suffer from — a fairly significant number! Additionally, 20-30 million struggle with intermittent sleep issues every year, resulting in a lot of lost sleep.

Adequate sleep is crucial to both physical and mental health, with adults needing between 7 to 9 hours per night. A chronic lack of sleep can start to lead to a slew of problems like high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, and an unstable mood. What’s worse is sleep deprivation puts you at a higher risk for more serious health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Getting the proper amount of shuteye is serious stuff, but how do you overcome difficulty with falling asleep?

Get Relaxed

Sure, “Just relax” is much easier said than done. Between job stress, worrying about the kids, and every other little thing that jam packs your day, it’s no wonder relaxing just before bed is more of a challenge than a normal activity.

What are some ways to help you transition into a state where you are ready for a good night’s rest?

Toss the screen

TVs, phones, and tablets are all potential culprits for overstimulation. Bright screens don’t help alert your brain that it’s time to start shutting things down. Besides the light, even just the consumption of endless social media feeds and bottomless pits of news can trigger emotional responses that make it hard to calm down.

Take a warm bath or shower

Ever feel more relaxed after a night bath? Some research supports bathing or showering at night to help with sleep due to a drop in core body temperature from the water. This helps signal to the body that it’s sleep time. It’s also a great time and clear your mind and focus on winding down for the night.

Dim the lights

Start dimming the lights around the house after dinner, creating a restful atmosphere and one that will tell your brain that bed time is right around the corner.

Drink a cup of tea

Some hot tea at night is another way to get yourself into a better headspace and stop allowing your thoughts to go uncontrolled. Make sure you don’t drink anything caffeinated! Herbal teas are an excellent choice and can be very soothing.

Listen to relaxing music

From ambient to classical, there are plenty of genres of music that can help you focus on staying relaxed and ready to shut down for the evening. Put on some gentle music as you get ready for bed.

Have a routine

Developing a routine you follow every night will ultimately help train your brain that the steps you take are in preparation for much needed slumber at the end of a hectic day. Once you stick to your routine for a few weeks, it will become like second nature and by then you should see some improvement in how much you are able to relax intentionally.

Relaxation when you have sleep apnea

Sleep apnea can add a layer of complexity when it comes to getting adequate sleep. Frequent episodes of apnea and wake ups can leave you feeling less than stellar the next day, with the cycle repeating itself.

If you’ve tried these technique but just seem to have trouble feeling rested, it’s time to get evaluated by a sleep professional.

Once you’ve been prescribed a CPAP machine and get used to wearing it, your ability to wind down and sleep will return to that of the average person without sleep apnea, assuming everything else is normal. 

Maintaining your CPAP

Keeping your machine maintained will ultimately help you continue to get rejuvenating rest and stay relaxed at night. If you’ve ever used the traditional soap, water, and scrubbing method, you know it’s tedious and inefficient.

When people get tired of using soap and water they tend to get lazy with doing a good job maintaining their CPAP. Well, there is a better alternative — the Sleep8.

The Sleep8

If you’ve never quite looked into what ozone is or have never heard of it, it has a distinctively pungent odor and the molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms. It is extremely effective at sanitizing pretty much anything.

Our state-of-the-art machine is simple to use.

All you have to do is place your CPAP tubing, mask and water chamber in the designated Sleep8 bag, attach the device, and hit start! You are free to walk away and go about your day as normal. Your equipment will be thoroughly sanitized and ready to use for the night.

Get more information on Sleep8 and common questions at https://mysleep8.com/pages/faq.




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