Are Ozone CPAP Cleaners Worth the Money?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines have been around for nearly 40 years. They have provided relief in the form of therapy for millions of people with respiratory problems and sleep apnea. CPAP therapy is life-changing, but it is also important to keep the CPAP machinery clean as well to obtain its full benefits.

Many professionals recommend cleaning CPAP machines with hot water and liquid dish soap, which can help prevent common respiratory infections associated with prolonged use of CPAP equipment. This has led to the development of a niche market for CPAP cleaners and sanitizers. Ozone CPAP cleaners are among the best in the industry, but are they worth the money? We will discuss and take an in-depth look at Ozone CPAP cleaners and all they have to offer.

What can happen if your CPAP is not clean?

With humidifier systems and heated tubing your CPAP equipment can be a very humid place. This can make it the ideal place for fungus, yeast, and mold development.  The solution of course is cleaning, but how often do you honestly clean your device?  More to the point when you do clean your device how well are you drying out the inside of your tubing?

When there is excess moisture buildup in the tubing or humidifier system, mold can start accumulating and expose you to a potential for infection. Therefore, when you are buying CPAP equipment, also consider a quality CPAP cleaner or sanitizer that keeps your machine clean and sanitary. This is where Ozone CPAP cleaners, like the Sleep8 Ozone Sterilizer have become popular, as it uses Ozone to thoroughly sterilize the CPAP tubes and humidifier systems.  It doesn’t require an hour of your time each day to manually scrub the device; and because it cleans without water, you don’t need to worry if your drying procedure is up to scratch.

Should I Buy the Sleep8 Ozone Sterilizer?

The Sleep8 Ozone Sanitizer works by contain ozone safely through numerous 1-way gas check vales and use of a sealed cleaning chamber bag. It is hooked to the CPAP hose to the inside of the bag, and thoroughly sterilizes the interior and exterior of the tubes, along with the mask. The Sleep8 runs in a closed bag with a carbon filter at the exit, which helps convert any ozone leaving the bag back into regular O2 oxygen.

This cutting-edge system allows the Sleep8 to safely use its high-powered coronal ozone generator to maximum effect.  This makes it a great choice for anyone using CPAP therapy.

Is It Worth It?

The Sleep8 Ozone Sterilizer is worth every cent. Would you rather fall sick or risk getting an infection from your CPAP therapy?  Think back to the last time you had a cold or sinus infection, how much would you have paid to not have it?

The Sleep8 thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your CPAP equipment, requiring minimal effort from your end. It is absolutely worth the money, because it not only helps save you time every day, but also makes your machine more far more sanitary.

The Sleep8 Ozone Sterilizer effectively ensures that your CPAP therapy delivers maximum benefit to you, while eliminating the risks of infections.

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