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Are Ozone CPAP Cleaners Safe?

For most people with sleep apnea, using a CPAP machine has become a necessity. The cleanliness of these CPAP machines is important, a dirty CPAP can cause you to develop respiratory complications and infection.

For CPAP machines, there are several different at home cleaners on the marketplace. One category that has been making waves are the ozone CPAP cleaners. Hailed as a no-detergent cleaner, these have quickly been adopted by various CPAP machine owners. However, as with anything it is a good idea to do your research, particularly when it comes to safety.

What are Ozone CPAP Cleaners?


If you haven’t heard of them before, ozone CPAP cleaners makes use of ozone as a cleaning agent. When many people think of this word, they commonly think of the layer of ozone surrounding the globe. But ozone isn’t only found in the high atmosphere, it is often naturally made during lighting storms as well.

Ozone, also known as activated oxygen, is a natural molecule which forms when another atom of oxygen is introduced to a regular oxygen molecule. The air we breathe in is comprised of this simple two atom molecule called O2. While completely harmless in this state, once another atom is introduced, the molecule becomes “supercharged” O3. In this form, it can more easily oxidize or destroy other molecules.

When used in this form as a cleaning product, ozone is found to be more effective than bleach and chlorine at destroying bacteria. In many hospitals, restaurants and even hotels, ozone remains the number one choice for anyone looking to clean products effectively. Applied to a CPAP machine, an ozone CPAP cleaner is going to be more efficient at getting the job done, getting into all the small spaces a chemical wipe just can’t reach.

How Safe are They?

Ozone is completely safe for use when handled properly. In fact, there are many air purifier systems, water filtration systems and more which make use of ozone.

When not handled properly, ozone can leak out to the surroundings and in high amounts it can be an irritant. However, when it is utilized for cleaning properly, it can be very effective and safe. The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner works to contain the ozone safely by use of a sealed cleaning chamber bag, and numerous 1-way gas check valves.

By hooking the CPAP hose to the inside of the bags ozone intake, it makes sure to thoroughly clean the often hard to clean tube interior, as well as the mask. Further by running in a closed bag with a carbon filter at the exit the Sleep8 helps to convert any ozone leaving the bag, back into regular O2 oxygen. This innovation allows the Sleep8 to use its high-powered coronal ozone generator safely.

Some cheaper alternatives don’t create safe ozone containment in their cleaning chamber. As such all the ozone they create is pumped directly into the room. This creates a safety hazard, that should be taken seriously. To counter the safety issues, many manufactures of inferior units simply use a low powered ozone generator.  Dropping the amount of ozone created to more tolerable levels.  While this makes their poor designs a little safer than they would be, it also makes them far less effective. (if effective at all)

The Sleep8 Ozone Cleaner works to contain the ozone safely by use of a sealed cleaning chamber bag, and numerous 1-way gas check valves.  It comes with a sealed cleaning chamber, large coronal ozone generator, and a carbon filter that ensures bacterial elimination and safety of use.  This attention to quality and detail is very important.  Many inferior units on the market don’t even seal their USB charging ports.  This means that even if they do have a sealed cleaning chamber, they still vent Ozone directly from the device.  The Sleep8 on the other hand includes both an interior AND manual exterior USB seal, because your health matters.  The Sleep8 manages ozone levels, while cleaning CPAP machinery and equipment, to removing any bacteria it meets, AND keep you safe.

(Here are two examples of cheaply sealed units.)

Poorly Sealed Unit that leaks Ozone. ( Virtuclean )

Poorly Sealed Unit that leaks Ozone ( Original Virtuclean )


On the other side, here is the Sleep8's USB Port.  It is sealed both internally and externally with a easy to use manual seal.

Sleep8 keeps ozone safely sealed inside


If you want a cleaner that is safer, and more powerful, make sure you choose an Ozone Cleaner equipped with a sealed cleaning chamber, a carbon filter, and a large coronal ozone generator like Sleep8.

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