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Acrylic Signs – 60 Minute Activities


In this blog series, Sleep8 is branching out from sleep related topics to bring you fun activities that can be completed in about 60 minutes, the same duration as your Sleep8 cycle. These could be anything from recipes, crafts, DIY projects, skills to master, workouts, or more. Keep your eyes peeled to the Sleep8 blog to find your new favorite pastime.

Stumble upon any Pinterest inspired wedding board or the world of Tiktok and you will see DIY ideas as far as the eye can see. As someone who has always wanted to be extremely crafty but also remain very connected to reality—I love a good project. I also love being successful in my ventures, projects included. I try to not take on much more than I believe I can successfully conquer. Painting pumpkins? Check. Doing tie-dye? Check. Building a shelf? Sure. Planning a whole DIY wedding? Brain overload. The more I scoured through pages it became more clear to me that a lot of DIY brides, future mothers, and party planners are far more advanced in their skills than I. However I’m always up for a challenge.

I recently have become obsessed with the aesthetic of acrylic signs. Acrylic signs are clear signs that combine a painted back and a lettered front. They are beautiful and look great! Acrylic signs can be used at baby showers, as wedding welcome signs, seating charts, or simply to jazz up a room, family gathering or special event. Today I’ll have you join me on my 60 minute activity, how to make an acrylic sign.

There are two different ways to make acrylic signs, either with or without a precision computer aided cutting machine like the Cricut, but the finished product is similar with each. I will be walking you through how to make an acrylic sign without a Cricut, as I do not have one and this is a little life hack a previous bride passed on to me. A Cricutcrafting tool can certainly be used to assist with this project as well and I’ll include a link for how to make a sign with a Cricut for those who have one at the bottom of this page. Let’s get started!!

What You Will Need

  • An acrylic sheet. These can vary in size from 4x6, 8x10, and even larger. Acrylic sheets can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot and then cut to the size you’d like or you can order online.
  • A painter's tarp or similar to catch any paint drips.
  • Something to paint with such as sponge brushes, regular paint brushes, or a roller.
  • The acrylic paint of your choice. You can also mix colors to get the perfect match for your event if needed. For my sign I’ll be using a white acrylic paint for the back and a gold paint pen for the front. You can absolutely use a small paintbrush and more paint for the front; however I think using a paint or a calligraphy pen is best. You’ll want to be using a larger brush for the back.

How to Make

  • Type out your message out on a computer making sure to find a beautiful font to use then print out what you want your sign to say in the size desired. If the print is too large for a standard size printer you can take a smaller scale copy to somewhere like Kinkos, or you can break it down into individual words per page.
  • Tape the words to the back face up so they are visible on the front. You will then trace them with the paint or paint pen.
  • Wait until the paint has dried and then flip the sign over then remove the sheets taped onto the back.
  • With your color paint selected for the backing of the sign you will start with a heavy stroke in the middle and then gently feather your strokes out until you reach your desired stopping point. Some people like to leave a lot of clear acrylic showing around the edges focusing the paint mostly in the middle and some people chose to paint patterns, or fill the entire sheet up. The most common effect is going to be a heavy concentration in the middle focused and painted in diagonal pattern, such as you were coloring in an abstract sort of rectangle.
  • Once the back is painted, let this side dry. You can use a hairdryer to speed this process up!!

Once this is completed you are almost done. You can now double check the front to make sure the font is to your liking, that the words painted do not need any touching up, and the backing looks great from all angles. If you don’t like something on either side you can use alcohol (denatured alcohol will be best) to remove the paint using rubbing motions until surface is clear and then you can try again. When all is well, you are all set. Enjoy the beauty you have created!

More Tips

Some people like to leave the backing of these signs un-painted. If you have a particularly bold choice of font or paint color on the front you can go this route, however I think the colored back truly makes the sign pop. You can also place the sign up against something colorful if you prefer instead, or put greenery on the backing as an option.

Another fun paint option is to try Ombre painting on the backing by using more than one color. If you have a Cricut, you can print out vinyl lettering instead of doing the taping/tracing process. For more info on how to create one of these beautiful acrylic signs WITH a Cricut, check out this video.


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